Track Putting Mat


The first putting mat to offer the natural feel of both fast and slow greens while providing the unique feature of tracing the path of the ball.

Medium: W 19.7″ x L 124″ / 6 lbs – Regular Price $109.00

Large: W 29.5″ x L 124″ / 9 lbs – Regular Price $129.00

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Golf putting training mat that emulates fast and slow green speeds with a unique tracking feature.

– Putting mat offers the natural feel of both fast and slow green speeds

– Unique ball tracing feature, eliminate ball tracks with eraser rod

– Noiseless silicon cup, ideal for home or office

– Stores easily, lightweight, durable, hand washable design

– 19.7” wide, 124” long

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How to Use

Assemble the U-shaped border that prevents the golf ball from rolling off the track putting mat.

Place the track putting mat on the floor and sweep the mat with the eraser rod to the slow texture direction (starting from the side with the Velcro) evenly.

Stick the eraser rod on the Velcro, place the golf ball border and put the silicon cup on the mat.

You are now ready to practice.


Package Includes:

1 x Track Putting Mat
1 x Eraser Rod
1 x Silicon Cup
1 x U-shaped Border

Track Putting Mat – small: W 11.8” x L 124” / 4 lbs

Track Putting Mat – medium: W 19.7” x L 124” / 6 lbs

Track Putting Mat – large: W 29.5” x L 124” / 9 lbs


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