S-LINE 211


The simplicity of its design, and the clear continuous aim line combined with technological innovations make this traditional looking Blade Putter an absolute professional’s club.

USGA Approved and R & A authorized for competition

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American classic design meets German Engineering

The genesis of the S-Line 211 putter was the result of Werner Nickel’s drive to create a new putter by combining the superior technical performance of his current German engineered clubs with the traditional aesthetics of an American classic design.

The inspiration behind the new S-Line 211 was to develop a putter that maximizes distance control while providing high swing stability, the trademark of all Nickel Putter clubs. By transferring a portion of the clubs head weight to a thicker gage shaft, the golfer will experience a lighter, easier swing motion, which is supported by the stability of the heavy shaft. The affect of this weight transfer will provide more distance control on very long putts.

Each S-Line 211 putter is precision milled from a solid block of SS 304 High-Grade Steel. The clubs face balanced, high MOI design promotes greater swing stability, the key to consistent putting performance.

The simplicity of its design and the clear continuous aim line easily allows the golfer to square the club to target in the address position, adding clarity and confidence to each putt.

The combination of advanced technological innovation with a traditional looking design make the S-Line 211 blade putter an absolute professional’s club.

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Each S-Line 211 putter is precision milled from a solid block of SS 304 High-Grade Steel. Only the most up-to-date CNC milling technology is used for the entire manufacturing process.

The majority of the head weight is distributed to the outer areas of the club. This high MOI (Moment of Inertia) design offers the golfer a very stable and forgiving swing motion.

The head weight of the S-Line 211 putter is 325 grams (11.46 ounces) and the combined total weight is of the putter is 495 grams (17.46 ounces). The putter has a standard 2.5° loft angle and 69° lie angle.


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